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Scenting Services

In 2016, we expanded our mission to scent larger spaces such as; office and condominium lobbies, hospitals, convention centers, residences, shopping malls, hotels, BPO’s, worship halls, and, even airports.


Scentscaping is the process of using scents to complement other sensory prompts. Our scent designs can further convey a certain existing theme that the establishment possesses or simply enhance a mood with the intention of creating a more vibrant and interpersonal experience.


  • Fragrance induces feelings from relaxation, to vitality, to productivity, and can effectively change your mood.
  • The sense of smell is also closely related to memory, more so than any of our other senses. The sense of smell is said to be our strongest sense.
  • People enjoy and want to spend more time in spaces that are scented pleasantly scented.
  • Work can be quite stressful, scenting the space with a nice fragrance can reduce these stress levels and make their experience and productivity more enjoyable.
  • You do not have to go so far as to renovate the entire space to make it more welcoming. Instead, you can start by employing a scent strategy to uplift the mood and enhance performance. Companies use fragrance to further establish brand identity and brand marketing.
  • The idea of enhancing the experience through scentscaping is becoming more popular globally.
  • It is starting to become a standard to scentscape in many corporate and retail spaces Even, airline companies spend a significant amount of time and money do studies on how their planes should smell like.


We believe that there is an alchemic art to fragrance.

Having a bespoke fragrance is the ultimate luxury. We can create scents that are entirely individual to the client.  You choose how you want it to be and will be made completely to your specifications by our chemists.

Examples of Exclusive Scents for our Clients:

Mactan Memories for Mactan International Airport
Fresh Notes for BDO
Orchard Dream for Singapore Airlines T3 Lounge
SEDAction for Seda Hotels